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Writing Deeply — a teleclass

girl-writing-cartoon.jpgI am very fortunate to have a good friend who is not only a writing coach, but is also working towards her certification as a creativity coach. As often as possible, we schedule “walking lunches”. Huffing and puffing over hill and dale, we barely notice our physical exertion as we cover the miles. Instead, it is discussion and analysis of the creative process, and the ebb and flow of our own projects and processes, that absorb our attention.

For the past two Tuesdays, Kathleen has run a teleclass centered on writing regularly and writing deeply. With pre-class prompts, followed by classroom tele-conferencing, we explored our blocks and brainstormed strategies.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. My novel is front-and-center right now and I am writing daily. I wake up eager to get to the keyboard and find myself thinking about my characters throughout the day. I love it when the characters take over and I’m just typing.

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