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When in doubt, Knit

web_blanket 1st assembled.jpg

Knitter/Designer Kristin Nicholas’s post today captures my thoughts exactly. In response to her question, nothing soothes me faster than making something with my hands. This week, the solution was knitting, which also means I am  charging forward towards a finish (remember my 2013 commitment?!) on the Mitered Cross Blanket in Noro’s Silk Garden wool/mohair/silk yarn. Interestingly, this blanket pattern was born from another tragedy, the 2011 tsunami in Japan. All pattern sale proceeds have been donated to Mercy Corps relief work. My purchase was a small but countable contribution towards helping.web_blanket progress with needle.jpg


web_blanket 1st look on rocker.jpg

After assembling the strips, I wanted a sense of what the blanket would look like draped. (Thinking about a finished-object glamour shot!) My ex-husband refinished this Mission-style rocker and had it upholstered in cotton velvet — my favorite fabric of that time — as a pregnancy congratulations gift twenty nine years ago. The persimmon-coral color works perfectly with the blanket’s crosses, doesn’t it?web_cora on blanket squares.jpg

While I was out scouting for a 48″ circular needle for knitting the borders, Cora nestled into the soft fuzziness. She was careful and didn’t knead before napping.web_hands knit blanket border.jpgHundreds of stitches must be picked up for the blanket border. The weight of the blanket feels so cozy and keeps me warm during late-night knitting.

Do you like novels that involve knitting? I’m always curious about them. I think it’s tricky, trying to spin a story, sustain an entire novel, around a crafty passion. Two of my favorites are Anne Bartlett’s Knitting and Ann Hood’s Circle of Knitting.

By the way, all of the pictures here were taken with my little Android phone’s camera. It’s not as fancy as its Apple competitor, but I’m eager to push its limits. A very reasonably priced ($5!) ‘Phonography’ email course from Photojojo has been encouraging and instructive. I’ve been playing with Instagram (it’s addictive!), too. You can find me at: lisaallenlambert. The site is like a completely different club house and I check in several times a day. Let me know if you’re posting there, too.

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  • Jenny April 18, 2013, 12:07 pm

    Wow, does that blanket look yummy, and your kitty looks so happy!

    • Lisa April 18, 2013, 12:12 pm

      Thanks, Jenny. I’m almost sorry I’ll have to put the blanket away almost as soon as it’s ready to use.

  • lynne April 18, 2013, 11:41 am

    Now, if only I could knit and read at once…or knit and soak in a bubble bath…a fete I have actually tried. Not recommended unless you are felting. 🙂

    • Lisa April 18, 2013, 11:59 am

      Oh, Lynn, funny! Yes, felting. I inadvertently felted when I thought I was dying a fleece for spinning. That didn’t end well!