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Visual Poetry in film: “An Unfinished Life”

What a beautiful movie. With a delicate and beautiful style his fans will recognize as that of the Swedish director Halle Lasstrom, “An Unfinished Life” is a story of both forgiveness and setting right those things in nature that have gone out of balance. The cast itself is an unexpected blend of Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez and Morgan Freeman, as well as an acting newcomer, Becca Gardner. Not to mention “Bart the Bear”! The scenery is stunning, the story heartwarming and hopeful, satisfying. When I can’t wait to watch the special features, all of them, I know it’s been a good movie. This was no exception.

A DVD’s “Special Features” are a treat in that they provide a window into the world of the visionaries involved in a film’s creation. I don’t get to meet film directors, screen writers, film editors or movie score composers, in my day-to-day. Hearing what these artists have to say about their creative processes is my version of an Artist Date.