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There’s a new arrival here …

Maple bonsai, originally uploaded by lallennh.

Meet my baby Japanese Maple bonsai tree! We met while I was shopping for a gift. It was the older, more mature specimens who first caught my eye. Their gorgeous canopies and mossy landscapes below were fit for a lilliputians’ movie set. My love for all things miniature had found another avenue of expression. But the price tag on this young darling was much more fitting to my pocketbook. And the idea of coaxing a little one along has its appeal, too. So if you’d been there, you would have seen me exit the nursery with a class schedule under my arm and my red mary jane’s fairly gliding across the muddy parking lot, buoyed by the euphoric thrill of yet another new passion added to my list.

And we’ve got seedlings, too

seedlings trays

Here’s the whole family: Zinnias & Marigolds (including heirloom & organic), Pansies, Morning Glories, Texas Sage (a new one for me, but apparently a hummingbird draw). Wouldn’t a spring seedling trade be fun? Just like a holiday cookie swap, but with plants?

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  • will June 3, 2009, 9:12 pm

    how is the tree comming along. i just got one about three inches tall and was wondering if you had any tips.

  • Fran April 11, 2007, 11:42 am

    You were a typesetter?! Waaaay cool. BTW, I want to buy a copy of Eating Clean. Do you charge extra to autograph it? 🙂