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The Artist’s Way

I’m wrapping up chapter 8 and dragging my heels toward the rest of the book – and life after TAW. I love this book. I love the structure. I love creating Artist Dates. But one month on a single chapter is for the birds. Time to move on.

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  • Trudie December 18, 2006, 8:37 pm

    I knew I need to ‘plow’ through the book. I completed many of the activities each week, but not all. I was concerned I’d get bogged down and stop if I didn’t move to the next week.

    I love the book! It is incredible at speaking to ‘things’ roaming around in my head (or maybe not but would do well to be).

    It opened thoughts and ways with me. It feels really awesome that I stuck with it. Now that’s accomplishment for me.

    Now I’m on the fence rather to redo the Artist Way or move on to Vein of Gold. Thinking I’m going for the vein, perhaps after the holidays.

    I’ve gained much from the process.

    Thanks, Julia!