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It’s still winter but in my mind it’s not mitten-knitting season anymore. It’s that betwixt and between season, when the remaining snow banks have melted down to ice. Instead of looking fluffy and innocent, they are now dusted with mud and exhaust.  Not my favorite look. So what am I up to in the creativity department while waiting for spring, warm weather and the sounds of birds chirping in the shrubs? Before I start seedlings for the garden and rake up leaves that escaped the recycling bags last fall, I’ve decided to reorg my crafting room and the kitchen. I’ve started a “flea market” depot in the basement, in anticipation of renting a table and generating a little income with items and supplies no longer needed here. It feels very official and kind of exciting to have a designated, organized area for these items. … Stay tuned for new photos of the crafting room — it’s not quite ready for a photo shoot yet.

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  • Fran February 7, 2008, 1:28 pm

    As always, Lisa, your photos are exquisite! I love all the colors–so warm and inviting. BTW, my gloves will have to wait until next winter, too. 🙂

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