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Novel-writing Update … 6 wks to go

Fingers typing on keyboardA commercial fiction manuscript averages 80,000 words. The submission deadline for the online novel-writing contest at Gather.com is 8 weeks off and I have 65,000 words to go. But more importantly, one of the concepts I am finally embracing is that the process is (often) more important than the destination. Some popular cliches that get bandied about as advice are: enjoy the moment; be present; live consciously; stay in the moment. All of this to say that, rather than feel daunted by the numbers, I’m keeping my fingers on the keyboard and tellin’ the story. Every day. Until it’s finished. Revelling in the process of the telling, enjoying the ride, and staying focused. No details on the story line yet. You’ll have to wait and read Chapter One when its posted in March.  I’ll keep you posted.

Seems there isn’t much I do that doesn’t involve food, so of course I have to share my favorite Tea of the week: Trader Joe’s Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Chai. Delish! And here’s the snack that keeps my blood sugar on an even keel in between a workout at the gym and lunch: Greens BarsGreens Plus Energy Bars. They are “made with organic superfoods and high energy herbal extracts” and are a low-glycemic carbohydrate source with essential fatty acids. My favorite flavor is the chocolate. Each bar contains 250 calories, so eating one-half at a time provides a reasonably-sized snack.