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My Current Ice Cream Flavors

There are always too many projects and new interests jockeying for front row status so it’s taken me a while to sort things out and recognize the current “must-haves”:

current project flavors

These are over and above any work-for-pay that is a necessary and regular part of the day. Once I’d achieved clarity about these three areas of import, scheduling my week in advance (I like to do this on Sunday night, before the Monday morning alarm clock calls) became super-easy. And then, when I scheduled regular (and almost daily) writing time and kept my fanny velcroed to the seat until my pre-allotted time ran out: I made progress! And realized new flow with my characters and their lives. Amazing. Follow a tried-and-true plan and guess what … it works! It’s not that I had never heard about this from other (successfully prolific) writers. I’d just never stuck to the concept long enough to find out for myself. I wrote in fits and spurts, and was especially busy with my characters in the few days immediately prior to writing group. But alas, since discovering the beauty of writing in an impersonal setting, without the distraction of internet access, I have passed the 100-page milestone with my current work. Now I’m on a roll, have momentum, and look forward to getting back to it every day upon wakening.

The other “flavors” are enjoying equal top-billing in the weekly schedule, as well. With my current focused attention, I should be dancing the light fantastic when I fit into those silk capris with embroidery and bead embellishment that currently hang on the back of my bedroom door. And on the textile front, the expanding fabric stash will soon be transformed into a series of quilts and tote bags. And by year’s end I’ll have my etsy.com store up and running and filled with beaded jewelry for purchase.

Visual cues work well for me, so seeing the ice cream flavors named, as in the graphic above, is helpful. I’m going to print it out and keep copies in my office, on the fridge, in my wallet and on the dashboard of the car.

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