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My Detox Cookbook
EATING CLEAN—100 Appetizing Solutions Wheat- and Dairy Free
I wrote this book, a collection of 100 recipes and other helpful liver detox information, while ‘doing’ a liver detoxification regime in 2002. Recommended by my naturopathic physician, Dr. Sara Thyr, the 30-day dietary plan required the removal of wheat, dairy, caffeine and sugar from my diet. This was a pleasant change for my body, as I had been surviving on full-strength coffee with cream and sugar and lots of bread products. Inexplicable hair loss and a pervasive lack of energy had sent me to the doctor’s in the first place. I was willing to try this dramatic change in my diet if it meant I might ‘get my life back’.

Although the recipes are wheat-free, this was not designed as a cookbook for those living with Celiacs Disease. The muffin recipes ask for spelt flour, which does contain a measure of gluten. If you are Celiac or prefer to bake gluten-free, it is possible to replace the spelt flour with a gluten-free flour blend. Some additional adjustment of dry to wet ingredients may be required. Click here to visit the Eating Clean website.