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Monday Mosaic 8/27/07

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Monday Mosaic 8/27/07, originally uploaded by DreamnBig.

A blend of my own cat pics and some favorites from flickr. My own dear cat, Tiny Tigress, is now 19-1/2 years old. I am tempted to let her tell you a few tales but just haven’t worked up the courage yet. She has been with me through so many chapters. I find that now that she is feeling a bit geriatric, she wants the same sort of closeness and interaction that she did when she was delivering her first and only litter of kittens. To tell you just a wee bit about her, Tiny was found by my son and ex-h. on the bank of the canal that ran behind our house. She was only weeks old and could sit comfortably in the palm of my hand. Other than her kitty vitamin and hyperthyroid medication, she suffers no medical inconveniences and spends most days napping. But if I’m going out into the yard, she wants to come, too. I’m happy to report that her mouse- and rodent-catching days are over. She’s content to sit under her favorite shrubbery, scoping out the activity in the ‘hood.

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  • firefly8868 August 29, 2007, 11:35 am

    A nice collage of kitty photos. And, I loved your story of your sweet Tiny Tigress. How wonderful that you have been able to enjoy her company for so long!


  • rebecca August 28, 2007, 11:41 am

    I feel so honored to see my dragonfly there!


  • Fran August 27, 2007, 3:48 pm

    I’m so happy to see Zelda enjoying the garden. And Tiny Tigress–you go, girl! You are an inspiration to all cats!