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Meet My Neighbors

Hungry Fella

Hungry Fella

Allow me to introduce Hungry Fella, the charming subject of a photo by Groove2007 over at flickr. Click here to visit her blog, all about living in Taiwan and teaching English.

Exploring the blogs and websites around me is a favorite past-time. Sometimes this window shopping is really procrastination from work that begs doing. But there’s always the rationalization that clicking through from one link to another, discovering new resources and admiring the accomplishments of others, constitutes research. Hey, it’s online learning, right?

cathy johnson’s bookCathy Johnson is an amazing, inspiring renaissance woman. Over the past 30 years she has worked as a naturalist, writer, and freelance artist. She’s a historian, too, and participates in historical reenactments. She even established her own publishing company. The book in the photo at left is her own, all about female pirates! Amazing woman. Take a look.

It was a blog post on seedlingsMr. Brown Thumb that reminded me of the nifty newspaper seedling pot maker I’d purchased a couple of seasons back. This blog is chock full of pocketbook-friendly gardening solutions, illustrated with some dramatic photography, and supplemented with an enticing blogroll that I’ve yet to explore. Because it’s a hosted on blogspot, there are Amazon affiliate and Google ads to navigate.

I learned here that the US Postal service will issue a series of knitting theme stamps later this year, just in time for holiday greeting cards.


This is Kelli, a public health worker involved in four international projects. She is shown here with two children from an orphanage in Mozambique. Kelli is organizing a Goodwill Goody Bag collection to take back to Africa with her in May. This photo really spoke to me and I immediately emailed Kelli to ask for her permission to post it and mention the Goody Bag project. Visit her blog here and get all of the details.

That’s all for today. It’s Friday, which means it was an ‘Omar’ day. I’m bushed. Our day included a trip to the gym, the library, the assemblage of a large dinosaur puzzle, a game of checkers, two dinosaur books read aloud, and a couple of hours in the yard playing a 4-year-old’s interpretation of croquet.

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  • Kelli April 24, 2007, 10:52 am

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I really appreciate your support!