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February Lady FRONTMy grandmother knit many beautiful sweaters. When I was five, she agreed to teach me how, too. I challenged her patience, but the basics were nailed down and I haven’t stopped knitting since. A love for rich jewel tones and variety in texture are key to any of my many knitting experiments and projects.



Art Card SwapDrawing A series of gardens-inspired drawings have become marketable notecards and framed prints. The first of these began as an assignment for a landscape design course I took through the local community college. The medium, pen-and-ink, was a return to my favorite form of artistic expression during my teen-age years. Embellished with layers of colored pencil, I like to think that these cozy vignettes offer dreamy refuge for the viewer. Interested in the cards? For now, leave a comment. I hope to have the cards available on Etsy before much longer. Thank you for your interest.

Brazilian Story Mural small
About the banner mural: It measured 8-ft.x20-ft. and comprised one wall in my first retail store space. I was going to hire a friend to paint something on the wall, but my sister suggested that it might be cathartic for me to paint the mural myself, so I gave it a try. It’s my first painting ever. The inspiration was a trip I took to Brazil in ’01 — another lifetime ago. Yes, that’s me on the beach, but I added the disguise of curly hair!

handpainted table top with oranges by Lisa AllenHandpainted Table Tops: I thought my store needed tables. It wasn’t a restaurant, but I liked the idea of providing a place for people to sit, read, gather their thoughts, or visit. Inspired by a cycling trip in the south of France in ’02, I painted two table tops measuring 2×2-ft. and one 2×4-ft. The image here is the larger one. They did indeed invite conversation, relaxation, and a sense of community gathering.