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Knitting Adventure with Stephen West’s Rockefeller Shawl

Rockefeller shawl LisaAllenLambert

You know my love for geometric, modular, architectural-like knitting, right?

We were in the middle of an early summer heat wave when I swooned over the dramatic-looking shawl project on several pairs of needles at my local yarn shop. Thus my introduction to knitwear designer Stephen West and, before I’d taken another breath, I’d committed to knitting a tri-color Rockefeller shawl in Madeline Tosh Vintage yarn! I now understand the frenzy for Tosh yarns that I witnessed in the Vogue Knitting LIVE marketplace last January — this merino wool feels like silk and is delicious to knit with. West’s other creative aspect as a dancer makes sense of the Rockefeller’s extreme wing span. Doesn’t my model look as though she’s about to take flight?!

Rockefeller shawl LisaAllenLambert bonsai This is definitely a distinctive wardrobe addition for the fall.

Rockefeller knitting shawl process signed

Divided into four sections, the pattern is super-fun to knit, with interesting use of short rows, i-cord edging, and two-color work. … Looks like Corabelle’s interested in the Rockefeller shawl, too!

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  • Fran Mues September 13, 2013, 4:42 pm

    Fascinating, Lisa. I’m so glad you’re still including knitting in your creative life. Knitting will be a big part of the creative life I want to build when I retire–two weeks!!! (Woohoo!!!)

    • Lisa September 18, 2013, 8:28 am

      Thanks for following the Rockefeller story, Fran! Don’t think I’ll ever abandon my knitting needles …