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Knit in Public Day – Celebrating with Friends

Lisa Allen Lambert

 1. Knit in Public Day – June 14, 2008, 2. Knit in Public – Fran’s Baby Blanket, 3. Four Friends Take their Knitting to the Park, 4. Knitted Sheep, 5. Circle of Knitters Knit in Public, 6. A History of Knitting, 7. Knitting in Public on Handwoven Blanket, 8. Knit in Public Day – Kathryn’s Cotton Wash Rag, 9. Horizontal Lacy Summer Sweater, 10. Knitting in Public with Friends, 11. Knit in Public – Susan’s Baby Blanket, 12. Doll Blanket progress, 13. Knit in Public Tree signage

What a great way to spend Saturday afternoon! Are you wondering how that bit of woven red blanket qualified for the mosaic? It’s a cotton and rayon blanket that I wove more years ago than I care to count. I keep it in the car – it’s one of those things from a previous life chapter that just makes me happy.

Nashua’s Knit in Public event was spearheaded by the owner of our local yarn store, Ewe’ll Love It!, and included a skein of free yarn for each of us from a sponsoring manufacturer.

You never know who you’ll meet when you do something out of your regular routine. Imagine my delight and surprise when I recognized a friendly face from more than ten years back. She’s the proud creater of those darling knitted sheep in the top row. When we worked together, neither of us was knitting. What a fun bonus to the day!

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  • Fran June 15, 2008, 4:05 pm

    What a wonderful tribute to our day knitting together in the park! Everything about it was delightful–the not–too-warm day, the friends, and the knitting. And you gave our local yarn shop credit–you are a Good Person, Lisa. 🙂