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In My Studio

Lisa Allen log cabin doll blanket handknit

The collection of half-used balls of cotton yarn needed a project and the Log Cabin knit blanket in Mason Dixon knitting was tempting me. Modular knitting combines my favorite elements of both origami and knitting: ordinary edges take on new purpose and voilah! look what you’ve created! To my surprise, the leftover yarn from the Lizard Ridge project won’t be enough to make an adult-sized lap blanket. So it looks like it will be finding a home with my nieces (and nephew) who, much to my old-fashioned delight, still love playing with dolls.

lisa allen bead collection in studio

The studio, aka craft room, has received some long-overdue attention recently. Just as I suspected three years ago when I bought these jars off my sister, they have indeed come in handy: for that ever-expanding and very colorful bead collection!


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  • Trudie March 18, 2008, 9:14 am

    I love it! I am mezmerized by the pictures and the energy contained within them. Some lucky dolls!
    I see many new, exciting things “springing” up.