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I left my heart … at the seashore


Parting shot, Ogunquit, Maine. 

blue chair Ogunquit Maine Lisa Allen Lambert

After our week in Maine and a thorough departure from everyday routines, I returned home refreshed and creatively recharged. But I must admit that all day today I’ve been aware of a dull lovesick ache for the sounds and smell of the seashore. From the deck of our oh-so-rustic cottage, we could hear the waves crashing as the tide rolled in and the lighthouse was visible from a certain spot in the front yard. It doesn’t get much better than that! I think I’ve got salt water in my blood. Once a beachy girl, always a beachy girl.

Each (unfinished) project that I’d carefully packed in anticipation of some crafty vacation time, arrived back home in exactly the same state that it had left! But after giving the yard a quick mow (I’m back to my beloved hand-pushed rotary mower these days) and some necessary weeding in the garden, the knitting called me. A perfect transitional activity!

Log Cabin Doll Blanket Lisa Allen Lambert

The Log Cabin Doll Blanket is now complete, including all loose yarn tails being woven in. And here’s Tiny Tigress, who’s claimed it as her own.  By the way, in spite of her advanced age (21 years and counting), Tiny rediscovered her inner huntress while in Maine. The scent of the chipmunks scurrying beneath the deck had her on high alert and looking ten years younger! Outdoor forays were highly chaperoned due to her frailty, however, and no prisoners were taken. 

Tiny T on Doll Blanket Lisa Allen Lambert

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  • Beverly Keaton Smth August 21, 2008, 9:46 pm

    oh boy, can i ever relate. I almost always cry when I leave the beach! Your blog is charming and lovely Lisa….really a treat!