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How to Make Miniature Wattle Fencing for your Fairy Garden

Ingredients: willow branches, wide tape, heavy duty scissors, string (I used the strings from a tea bag)

1. Remove all leaves from the branches.
2. Posts: Cut 6″ lengths of the willow branch; for this garden, I worked in a 7-stalk panel.
3.  For the weft, as we call the horizontal fibers that weave in and out in weaving, I found that the more slender the branch, the easier it was to work with. For the length, I began with 12″ pieces.
4. With the wide tape, secure the top (1/2″ or so) of the “fence posts” to your work surface.
5. Beginning with one of the 12″ weft pieces, begin to weave under and over the posts, leaving about 1″ dangling free on either end.
6. Just like we used to do with pot holder loops, alternate the under and over with each row.
7. Continue for about a dozen woven rows, or until you have the desired look for your fairy garden fence.
8. Now, working with the repurposed tea bag string (!), do an under-and-over through one end of the wattle weaving. I made 2-3 passes on mine. Tie a secure knot and trim ends.
9. Repeat at the other end of the fence panel.
10. Install your oh-too-cute panel into your fairy garden and enjoy the swooning admiration of garden residents and visitors!

The tea-bag-string-closure is not scientific and is open to customization as desired.

The wattle fencing, installed in the fairy garden.

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  • snydeen May 26, 2011, 4:11 pm

    Okay, seriously cool and I’m so going to try this! Thanks for sharing. : )

    • myartfullife May 26, 2011, 6:55 pm

      Yippee! Post pics after you do! Fairy Garden photos coming tomorrow.