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Full Moon Influence

Garden Lady ReadingThis morning I woke up reluctantly. It was another vivid dream, the third this week. Could it be the full moon? But that’s now gone by. Or maybe it was watching The Secret for the third time and spending time writing my revised affirmations. Or perhaps it’s simply a confluence of all of the past week: daring to take a cardio strip-tease class — a reach well out of my ordinary comfort zone; visiting an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a while and admiring her brilliant and jangly belly dance costumes; digging in the garden and making it new; attending a unique art event last night at a local bank and connecting with other creatives, all many years my senior?

So what was I dreaming so deeply that I resisted the reminder that I had a workout to get to at the gym this morning? I was involved in a workshop of sorts, and in preparation of the arrival of the ‘students’ I was knitting up a bolero-style jacket. The yarns were plied yet not bulky: a smooth yarn with a crinkly spun yarn, both of the same color. I was working in an autumnal gold, just like all of the chrysanthemums that are in season now. The stitches were a combination of laces and cables. The sleeves were a raglan inset and the armhole decreases were a delicate detail of the entire garment. The students were due any minute, I needed to pull together some yarn possibilities for them to choose from, and then there was that gentle nudge on my shoulder: time to wake up for the gym. Oh darn. Another dream interrupted.

But! My goal for the last night of 2007 is to wear those creamy silk capris that are embellished with black beads and embroidery. With this in mind, I am off to the gym for another workout. See you next time!