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“Friday Night Knitting Club”, an author event

Book cover - Friday Night Knitting ClubKate Jacobs, author of The Friday Night Knitting Club, put our town on the map this weekend. Long-time journalist and now novel writer, too, Kate Jacobs spoke to several dozen book club readers and knitters about her first book and life-as-a-writer. Although I have been waiting (and still am waiting) for weeks for my local library copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club to become available, I attended anyway.

The first to arrive, I was met at the door by Kate Jacobs herself. I was afraid she would be offended that I hadn’t read her book yet, but it didn’t seem to faze her a bit. In fact, she was prepared for some attendees who might not have yet reached the story’s end. In spite of being thousands of miles away from her California home, Kate welcomed all of us into the church basement meeting hall as graciously as if it were her own living room. Refreshments awaited, as well, and as the crowd gathered, so did a happy social buzz.

An irony of the book’s setting is that until she was a grown woman living in New York City, Kate resisted learning any of the domestic arts that had surrounded her while growing up in a small Canadian town: cooking, knitting, and embroidery. Instead, Kate’s childhood passion and dream was to write.

She shared with us a reading from the book. There’s something extra-special about hearing the author’s words read aloud in her own voice. The Friday Night Knitting Club brings Kate’s love for storytelling full circle with a cast of characters I anticipate I will become quite attached to. In fact, I’m done waiting for the library — I came home with my own copy of the book, autographed by the author, no less!

As a writer, I was especially interested in hearing the details of Kate’s working process. She said some of the same things I hear from other writers, and know from personal experience:

  • don’t wait for ‘inspiration’ — if you do, nothing will ever get written
  • stay seated and keep writing, even when resistance is trying to lure you away from your keyboard or pen-and-paper
  • proceed with caution when discussing your current work-in-progress; sharing the story verbally can take away from the desire/need to get it down on paper

If Kate Jacobs’ book tour is coming to a yarn or book shop near you, I highly recommend attending. She is candid and genuine and an absolutely delightful speaker.

p.s. You’ll even find a very special muffin recipe in the book. Click here for details!

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  • Paris Parfait March 13, 2007, 3:54 pm

    Will have to look for that book. Thanks for the tip!

  • Lynda March 13, 2007, 3:04 pm

    I’ll have to look for this book at my local library. The best books to read are ones recommended by friends! I’m not a knitter although I’ve made a few pathetic attempts over the years but I still think I’d enjoy this book. Your chicken soup recipe looks delicious! I’m saving it to try soon.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the link you emailed ~ I’ll definitely have a look!

  • Old Knitter March 13, 2007, 11:17 am

    I have just entered a contest and the prize is this book…if I lose I really must go and buy it. i want to read it before I see the movie.