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Finding Art at Work

It’s an exciting and gratifying experience to find work that accommodates creativity. My seasonal job at a local garden center puts me in the potting shed, dreaming up pretty and aromatic combinations. Annuals, perennials, herbs, and grasses — I use them all to create container gardens. Some are special orders that match a customer’s color and flower preferences. Others are used to decorate our demonstration garden areas. And I make a steady stream of small, medium and large pots of joyful color, texture and scent to fill the center’s outdoor shelves, ready for purchase.

One of my favorite entrepreneurial gurus recently featured a story in her newsletter about a young fine arts college grad who began helping out in her parents’ bakery until she could find a job in the art world. Before long, she discovered a new art medium: frosting! And the rest, as they say, is history. Customers began flocking to their bakery for the edible art. She had found (or rather, created!) the artful job she desired. Fantastic!

The puzzle of finding unexpected ways of earning a living that incorporate creativity intrigues me. I’d love to hear your ideas!