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Fairy Gardens for Grown-ups, another how-to

Last Sunday afternoon I went over to my friend J’s house to help make a fairy garden. In spite of so much off-the-shelf cuteness available for purchase, we both agree that a heavy dose of handmade is key. Another consideration is shelter from extreme elements, so I suggested a container that could be moved about. After a half dozen drainage holes were drilled into the washing tub’s bottom, we filled the base with about 6″ worth of old bubble wrap and plastic grocery bags. On top of this we poured a large bag of container potting soil.

The finishing touch

In anticipation of our gardening date, these lovely polished rocks, just the right size for fairy footsteps, and the miniature tree, had been ordered from Two Green Thumbs. The teeny tiny leaves of the baby tears fern are the perfect proportion for a fairy garden and moss from the back yard lend a homey, lived-in feel.

Follow my instructions here to make your own wattle fencing. Multiple sections arranged around the perimeter of the garden would be darn cute, wouldn’t they? Amongst her crafting supplies, J found the miniature bricks, clay pots, and gardening tools.  The fairy residents have already filled their acorn tops with woodland treasures! Always one for party lights, I didn’t want the fairies to go without, so between two willow stalks I strung silver flower-shaped beads on repurposed silk twine, adding a few knots on either side of each bead to keep it in place. Can’t you just imagine the moonlit festivities?!

There’s room for more plants, such as a cluster of creeping thyme or a miniature fuschia. And I think those diminutive woodland gardeners need a bench for resting, don’t you? The possibilities are endless. Tell me about your fairy garden – I’d love to see pictures!

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  • snydeen May 31, 2011, 10:21 am

    I still remember the one you made when you were at the garden center and have wanted to make one since. Perhaps this is the year?! Gorgeous. Love the bricks. : )