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Ebb and Flow

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One of the secrets of success is to refuse
to let temporary setbacks defeat us.

Mary Kay, 1915-2001, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Today was Writing Group day and, guess what … I went empty handed. First time in almost two years this has happened. It’s that proverbial ice cream dish. I added a couple of ‘flavors’ without discontinuing at least one that was already in place. Consequently there is now serious overflow. Translation: time management disaster. This calls for serious regrouping.

As luck would have it, I caught a portion of an interesting discussion on Diane Ream’s show on NPR, today as well. She was interviewing a professor who teaches a course titled “How to Be Happy”. In the face of countless unpleasant and disturbing news realities and our country’s frenzied lifestyle pace that is enhanced with all sorts of electronic communication devices that keep us plugged in 24/7, the concept of ‘what is happiness’ seems to be garnering media attention all of a sudden.

The words I heard the wise professor say as I turned on the radio were, “It’s a fact that the less busy we are, the more productive and creative we will be.” Aha! Another reminder that if I am to have any hope of achieving my personal goals it may be necessary to say, “No — not right now” to some things. A reminder that was reinforced when I heard these words, “I remind my students that by saying no to one thing, they are saying yes to another.” Wow. Really important to remember.

The Mary Kay quote (above) arrived in my ebox this morning and I assorted ice cream conescan’t think of a more apt sentiment for the day. So, I’m brushing off my knees, revisiting my personal goals, and getting back on track. Instead of belaboring my empty manuscript folder, my fellow writers and I spent some time brainstorming about my story’s characters, helping me to refocus and prepare to return to the keyboard.

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  • Patti June 22, 2007, 8:59 am

    Wouldn’t you know that I missed the Diane Rehm show yesterday. I’m off to her site to download this show. Thanks.