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Eating Clean is More Fun with a Friend

I love the idea of healing from within — with nutrition. So it’s always fun to visit one particular friend who is doing just that and making great strides with her health. Since purchasing a Vita Mix several months ago, she’s been whipping up all kinds of veg-fruit concoctions.

Upon my arrival on Friday afternoon, she offered me a fresh green drink.

The formulation is simple:

Kale (she discards the stems to save wear-and-tear on the Vita Mix)
Spinach (sorry, none left for the glamour shot)
1 lime (peeled and seeded, unless organic)
1 green apple (peeled and seeded, unless organic)
1 chunk fresh ginger, peeled (about the size of your thumb should do it)
Water, until you have desirable consistency

She recommends layering your ingredients in the mixer with the wetter foods first: apple and lime. Whir. Pour. And serve. … Delicious! And what an easy way to get in a few servings of dark greens.

We scooped up the foam with little silver spoons you might expect to use for a latte or hot chocolate. But no, we were slurping up bright green veggie foam. And extolling on its deliciousness. This requires a very special sort of friend. It’s not everyone who shares my excitement for the nutritional benefits of green drinks. I certainly don’t mind drinking alone but  it’s definitely more fun with a friend.

Any other favorite veg-fruit Vita-Mix’ing combinations out there?

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