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Dream Progress

Lizard Ridge Afghan squares - new

After a brief hiatus, I’ve picked up knitting on the Lizard Ridge afghan squares again — and can’t seem to stop! What’s kind of surprising me is that with the warmer weather and lots of time in the garden, my use of the same balls of yarn has changed and I’m liking the new color combinations a whole lot more than those I started with way back during snow season.
Lizard Ridge Afghan squares close-up

Here’s a close-up.

Spring Flower Garden

Before this week’s torrential rain and hail storm. This is
my first flower garden in years. I can’t seem to get
too much color in a few square feet!

The green fencing is getting established: late yesterday I planted three of the five new “Blueberry Muffin” shrubs (I’m told their blue berries are big bird attractors). And the fragrant Arbelia I planted last summer have been filling the driveway and yard with their jasmine-like fragrance for a couple of weeks now. So, progress continues on this year’s resolution to create my Outdoor Living Space.


This is late news, but for the crafty record, here is a photo that I just downloaded from a friend’s camera. It’s the pocketbook I made for my son’s girlfriend last Christmas.

Quilted Handbag

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