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Dancing the …. afternoon away!

Demos at the NHABDA Sept. Dance, originally uploaded by ATANH Photo Gallery.

Variety is indeed the spice of my life, and that includes dancing. We spent the afternoon today brushing up on the basics of Argentine Tango. A few new embellishments were enough to let me think I was finally taking my tango to a new level. Enough thrill to keep me motivated.

Why tango? In the words of my friend, Stan, shown in the photo above:


The embrace with the follower, the nonverbal communication, the body language, the assertiveness, the anticipation, the give and take. All of this have taught me more than just where to place my steps and where I lead my follower. All of this have made me a better person. Once very shy, I have now become more assertive, more aware of my surroundings and how I fit into it.

I’m told that Beginner status lasts for the first 50-75 hours of Argentine Tango dancing before you enter the long-term arena of Intermediate. We’re still beginners and I don’t know when we’ll graduate. But for now, the periodic Sunday afternoon practice feels just right.