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Daily Sparks

Here are some things that make my heart sing, that inspire my creativity. The thrill usually prompts me to grab my camera and document the moment, color or texture.

summer joy

The first is fresh flowers from a local pick-your-0wn farm. There’s nothing like a stop at the farm to calm me, make me smile, and feel closer to the earth. Might sound corny, but I love really fresh fruits and vegetables and since my garden has yet to make a culinary contribution, the next best solution is supporting a local farm.

urban harvest

Just over the garden fence, my neighbor’s peach tree is jamming with fruit this year. Here we are in a city of 80,000 and there’s a fruit tree right next door bearing beautiful peaches — without nasty sprays or pesticides. Joy, oh joy! Best of all, we’ve been invited to partake in the bounty. Delish!

The potted lantana on the front porch is blossoming beautifully. I was particularly excited to see a visiting bee. I’ve heard they’re kind of scarce this year.

stash happy japanese stash

Stash indulgence as reward for business goal achieved.
Calorie-free, colorful and happy-making. No project plans as of yet. For now I’m just enjoying the colors and patterns, working through in my mind which would work best in a multi-print tote bag or quilt.

Kimono squares

The antique silk kimono squares I received last week from my flickr pal, harvest_ja. Her confidence in what I might make with these just floors me. Now to put together a fun surprise package for her.

greeting cards

And then, this is what I made first thing Saturday morning.





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