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Color Magic

Valentine's Day Bouquet with Dad's PaintingI finished John Kralik’s memoir, 365 Thank You’s, shortly before Valentine’s Day, that holiday extravaganza during which visions of treats and surprises burrow in the imagination of yours truly, a girl raised on fairy tales. Especially after reading about Kralik’s quest to recognize opportunities for gratitude and express appreciation, I made a conscious effort to temper wild fantasies of tickets to the south of France. In all honesty, it’s not hard to appreciate my life as-it-is and to rein in my wanderlust, but I do admit to a dream of returning to a favorite part of the world that is a perfect blend of the French aesthetic and sun-kissed Mediterranean lifestyle. But back to reality … On February 14th my own Mr. Wonderful brought home this bouquet — a bounty of brilliant color that just happens to match one of my father’s paintings that hangs in our living room!

A close-up of one area of the painting:
I have yet to start my own 365 Thank Yous project —  it’s on The List — but in the meantime, I could not have been more tickled with my Valentine’s Day bouquet: I am grateful for a fresh look at dad’s painting, the brilliant happy colors of the flowers, and Mr. Wonderful’s deference to a romantic holiday.

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  • snydeen February 25, 2011, 6:51 pm

    I agree with mlegan. Don’t get me wrong ANY flower is wonderful, but I love color and variety. I’ve not been a huge contemporary art fan, but after taking a few classes at the Currier, I’ve garnered a much greater appreciation. The largest part of which is the use of color!

  • mlegan February 22, 2011, 5:34 pm

    I’ll have to check out that book. And what gorgeous flowers! I’d much rather have something like that than roses.