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Back to School: Dorm Life

Elements from home warm up my dorm room: vintage pillow case; polar fleece throw in favorite colors made by a dear friend; my latest knitting project (a comfort, even if I haven’t knit a single stitch this week); a handled basket that performs dual purpose as packing box and decorative item; the marmalade jar that held my father’s pens and pencils when he was alive and now holds a rainbow of colored markers; a mini album of favorite photos; a stack of Eating Clean; the 3-ring binder I assembled to keep track of my Graduate Assistant responsibilities during this residency and throughout the coming academic year; a mini fan; and the requisite pile of books by Francine Prose, our visiting author this year.

Yesterday I discovered the delicious selection of magazines in our campus book store. What a treat! I brought a few back to my room for indulgent browsing. Taking a break from the topics of reading and writing that we have been immersed in since Friday, I went for those with crafty themes.


I’m off to a faculty reading and then the annual class picnic! Until next time …

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  • Fran July 31, 2009, 9:03 am

    You sure do know how to cozify your digs. 🙂

  • Lauren Miller July 29, 2009, 11:40 am

    how comfy! it sounds like you will have a wonderful time 🙂