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Artist’s Dates

Art Supplies signNeed some suggestions? Here are just a few ideas for artist dates. Want to add to this list? Post a comment below and I’ll be in touch! Thank you.

  • Design your “I am an Artist” business or calling card. Photocopy it on card stock. Keep some in your purse or wallet and watch recipients’ faces light up when you hand them out.
  • Travel to a pick-your-own flower farm and build a bouquet.
  • Browse cookbooks & magazines; select a new recipe to try. Prepare and serve elegantly.
  • Go to a coffee shop/cafe or any public thoroughfare and write the story of a stranger.
  • Read the Arts & Entertainment section of the local newspaper. Pick 1 event to attend that is out of your usual comfort zone.
  • Rearrange a room in your home for a new perspective.
  • Make a collage with a personal theme. Sign & date the back for future reference.
  • Watch the director’s commentary on a favorite movie’s ‘Special Features’ (DVDs).
  • Go to a fabric store and browse. Purchase a few “Fat Quarters” for color inspiration.
  • Go to a farm stand and take in the beauty of fresh produce.
  • Sign up for a group dance class and learn a new step.
  • Go to a music store and listen to bits of music on headphones.
  • Visit a bead shop. Take $10 to spend. Make a bracelet, necklace, earrings or beautiful little dish display of your purchases.
  • Visit a museum and spend time walking around, looking and absorbing.
  • Go to an artist’s studio, or a building with many studios, and browse and look.
  • Explore new scents at the perfume counter of a department store. Discover a new scent. Make a purchase.
  • Go to a craft store. Select a new technique or craft to try. Purchase the materials and go home and try your new craft that very same day.
  • Travel to an out-of-town exhibit.
  • Build a table-top water garden.
  • Find a live music performance and attend. Pay attention to your thoughts as you listen to the music.