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Armchair Artist Date

magazines lisa allen lambert

As a self-professed magazine junky, a visit to the magazine racks at my local bookstore constitutes as 1) an Artist Date; and 2) an Armchair Vacation. Back home with my loot, a cup of decaff organic black tea and a low-cal/low-fat ice cream treat make this a perfect break from the ordinary!

lisa allen lambert ice cream tea

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  • Melanie June 9, 2008, 8:56 pm

    What a lovely date. Sadly, I’ve had to put my Artist Way stuff on hold for a little bit until I have a little more energy again, or until my nice long summer holidays that aren’t too far away. Can’t wait 😉

  • artsymommachic June 8, 2008, 10:43 pm

    I too am a magazine junkie!!!!

    Aren’t they just delicious!?!

    My faves are MAry Englebreit’s Home Companion, Artful Blogging, Cloth Paper Scissors, and Art Doll Quarterly!!