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Another weekend away

candleshop inn porch I spent another weekend out of town. October turned out to be my “Month of Self-Improvement” and this past weekend was no exception. On Friday I drove up to an inn in York, Maine for a two-day Writing Retreat. I’ll be posting a full report, complete with photos, tomorrow (I hope) after I finish writing my presentation for Thursday’s Newgirl Network meeting. Topic: Online Marketing: My Adventure with Creating a Buzz. All about what I’ve done with Eating Clean.

But on a lighter note, when I got home this afternoon, hubby and I decided to take in a movie. It had been a while. We went to see “Dan in Real Life” and loved it! I snorted and guffawed to the point of embarrassment and then shed a tear or two (at appropriate story developments). And on top of it, I defied my diet and enjoyed some Junior Mints, too. When it was all over, we sat through every single bit of the credits and were the last people to leave the theater. A totally enjoyable break from reality.

… more tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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