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Annual Knitting Nite Out

Knitting Party Pic Our knitting group has been meeting bi-weekly for more than three years now. I call attention to the longevity because in this day-and-age of immediate gratification and disposable everything, I have found that sticking to anything for very long takes commitment and endurance. Tonight we’ll be celebrating mutual passion for fine-and-fun yarns, social knitting projects, the miles of knitting we’ve had to tear out after a knitting get-together that was too socially distracting to keep any of us on-pattern, and the absolutely basic fact that we enjoy each other’s company.

Some of us have a new project (almost) every time we meet, and others knit only when we meet, which means that a sweater can take months — even years. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, yarn-based and otherwise. And we’ve all put our heads together to solve the challenges of how best to sew the seam on a bulky sweater, how to down-size a tricky pattern full of textured stitches, how to motivate someone’s teenagers to do their own laundry, and how to navigate the tricky frontier of caring for one’s aging parents while maintaining your own life—and humor.

So this evening we’ll be raising a few wine glasses and a couple of cups of tea (that would be me) and celebrating the companionship of one another. Salud!
P.S. The knitting needles are staying home tonight.