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Lisa Allen is pursuing a graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling. Her vision is to help others in a clinical practice that blends her passions for personal growth and creative self-expression.

Lisa first discovered the lure of writing while researching and writing travel news at Yankee magazine. Later, she wrote, designed, and self-published Eating Clean, a cookbook based on the healing and healthful benefits of unprocessed foods. An excerpt from her MFA memoir thesis, “Paradise Not Quite Found,” was a finalist in the baby boomer anthology contest “Times Were A-Changing.”

Once a year Lisa joins an author on the stage at Nashua Public Library for the Beyond the Book author interview event. Her interviews have included Julia Glass, B.A. Shapiro, Jennifer Haigh, Jenny Nordberg, David Grann, and Martha Hall Kelly.

Lisa is also an avid photographer of happy slice-of-life moments and peaceful garden vignettes. While working for her father’s graphics production firm in the 1970s, she had the opportunity to interpret the concept “green on gray” as images for illustrations in a children’s learn-to-read series. Shooting indomitable weeds in one of Boston’s toughest neighborhoods was likely the genesis for her current Instagram hashtag “urban nature.”