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A Perfect Morning

Today is Writing Group day! Our regular gathering of four writers only rolls around once a month and I love it and look forward to it. Excitement for the get-together spurs on more creativity. So, while the coffee (fresh-ground, water-decaffeinated shade-grown beans, in case you’re wondering) is dripping, I pull out my camera. It’s only a little after 6:00 and there’s plenty of time for a photo shoot. I begin to arrange yesterday’s bead purchase, fairly clicking my heels with happy anticipation. The light is still low and I want to avoid using the flash, if possible.


audrey's beads

↑beads for my niece Audrey on her 14th birthday



new bead stash

↑new additions for my personal bead stash—can you believe
the cuteness factor of the porcelain kitty beads?!*


After the bead shoot, and with coffee in hand, I head outside. In spite of the misty weather the birds are conversing. I’m still in my pj’s so it’s a good thing that the street is empty of traffic. Potted morning glories, nasturtiums and pansies, started from seed early last spring, are all blooming and ready to greet me. It must be the do-it-yourselfer in me that finds the process of seed-to-blossom so gratifying. I don’t think it’s really about cost-savings but the thrill of the process.


potted flowers

And then there’s the delicious new hanging basket with a lush orange begonia, complemented with blue lobelia, asparagus fern and a fancy white impatiens.

hanging basket

Satiated with my early morning foray into photographing the natural beauty right outside my door, I set my camera next to my novel-in-progress binder, with plans to document the day further.

After a fabulous meeting of the minds at M.’s house, my friends graciously hold off packing up while I record the moment for the blog:

writing group

Dark chocolate is a mainstay of M.’s health regime. The combination with
fresh, green grapes was fine accompaniment as we went round the table
reading aloud both fact and fiction that spans the globe, from Singapore to
Brazil and back to New Hampshire. Silver servers add to the festive mood.

A marshy pocket next to the parking lot is a bird haven. It’s fun to spend a few extra minutes sitting on the hood of my car, watching the branches and listening for avian chatter. A wonderful reminder to appreciate ‘the now’.

bird in the bush

And my final capture for a perfect morning:

Bushes in threes



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  • Lynda July 19, 2007, 7:01 pm

    What a wonderful, inspirational day! ♥

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