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5 Fun Tips for Eating Clean

I was two days into my first liver detox regime. The idea of 28 more days of steamed brown rice and veggies was dauntingly boring. I called my naturopath and asked if it was okay to modify some of my own recipes. She said, “Sure, provided you don’t use anything canned or processed,” and thus the idea for Eating Clean—100 Appetizing Solutions was born. Personalizing the food for that month turned a restrictive diet into a fun challenge, full of creative opportunity. Fun is in the attitude. Just like in fashion, you can show your unique attitude in the accessories you choose. Here are five suggestions for bringing some attitude into your day while eating clean.

1. Bento Boxes for meals away from home: Check out this stylish alternative to the tired, recycled grocery bag. Presentation can make the difference between appetizing … or not, and these cute totes have got it goin’ on.

Bento Boxes

2. Sweeten the Greens with Emergen-C. Jazz up a glass of greens with a packet of naturally sweetened Emergen-C. Greens powders that have been sweetened with stevia may taste better, too. I’ve tried a lot of different green foods and am currently pretty pleased with Barlean’s organic greens. I drink my greens daily, even when not on a strict ‘clean’ regime. I call this my “Fountain of Youth” drink!
Lidded Tea Mug 3. Lidded Tea Mug – Brewing another cuppa herbal tea takes on a new dimension with a pretty, lidded mug. Stays hot longer, too.

4. Detox Teas – My friend Sara always has a basketful of assorted herbal teas, perfectly arranged in a basket. It’s easier to stay in the clean, detox groove when you add variety to your intake — and this includes teas.

5. Elegant mini-dishes for fresh lemon wedges and supplements. Life feels elegant when I add pretty little Japanese wasabi dishes to the mix. I use them for lemon wedges, supplements and discarded tea bags. Asian grocery stores often carry an assortment of dishware.

And here’s one more suggestion: shop around. Mix it up. Explore ethnic groceries for whole foods and fresh produce. Seek out new health food stores. Variety is the spice of any diet. At least if fun is your idea of attitude.

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